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Our job consists in showing you a certain number of properties available, carrying out viewings and matching you with the right property.
Our service begins with a thorough review of what you are looking for and why.
Our next task is then to search for the right property to meet your needs.
Once we’ve found one, or some, we will arrange for you to view it as soon as you can.

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    What should I do if something in my home breaks down?

    What should I do if something in my home breaks down?
    Contact us by the form.
    Tenants are responsible to report maintenance issues as soon as they arise.
    When a breakdown occurs, you shall contact our Maintenance department directly. You can put the following information in your form: Your Name, Your Property address and details of the breakdown (as many as possible).
    For example, instead of simply saying “my washing machine doesn’t work!” please, tell us “This morning the washing machine stopped working! When I turn it on as usual, it makes a sound but no water is filled into the machine!” or “No spinning” or “No draining water”.
    If you can, please send us a picture about the breakdown. This will help our maintenance diagnose theAddress problems and bring the right parts for his visit for a quicker repair.
    We will arrange a contractor to visit you as early as possible.

    Do I need to be at the property when a contractor visits?

    There’s no need for you to be at the property when a contractor visits, as we will provide the key available at our local branch.

    Who is responsible for changing light bulbs?

    Circlelet provides working bulbs in any room at the check-in, you will be responsible for changing
    bulbs in your room during your stay.

    How do I refund my further advance payment?

    Further advance payment can only be refunded by bank transfer after we will be checking the room, please allow 0 to 10 days.
    Please remember, at the check out you will have to leave your room empty and clean like you found it before moving in, with working bulbs of course.
    We will need your full Name, Bank Name, Sort Code and Account number in order to refund you.

    How do I pay my Rent?

    You have to pay the rent ON TIME every fortnight, your rent must be paid by 5pm on your collection day, otherwise you are going to be charged.
    +3% extra per day plus the Bank of England base interest rate.
    You may be evicted if you don’t pay your rent.

    How to do in case of Emergency?

    When an imminent danger, injury or damage happens, It should be reported as soon as possible to our Maintenance team.
    You should use your common sense to judge whether you need to call us or the Emergency services (999).

    Who is responsible if the drains become blocked?

    Unless the problem results from a failure in the sewerage drainage system, you as tenants are responsible for clearing blockages.
    Subject to any restrictions on the use of chemicals with septic tanks, regular use of drain cleaners in the bathrooms and kitchens helps avoid blockages.
    If you cannot unblock the drain, please call the maintenance.
    The charge will go to one particular person who caused the problem or shared by each room if it cannot be identified.

    Who is responsible if the boiler stops working?

    When the boiler stops working you will have to contact the our maintenance.
    We will immediately get in touch with the landlord which will be sorting out the problem and calling further assistance.
    Please remember, sometimes it might take up to 72h for a problem like this to be solved.

    What if I lose or damage my keys or am locked out?

    During office hours The Circlelet staff will assist you by giving you a copy of your property/room
    key, but a fee of £20 will be charged for cutting the key and coming over.
    In case you are locked out of the
    property, call our Office Number or the Agent who rented for you, they will send someone to unlock the
    door as soon as possible.

    Who’s my contact at NW Properties?

    A member of our team will always be happy to reply as soon as possible.
    Please allow up to 24h before getting a response

    In case of Notice to leave

    As soon as you will advise us about your moving, our Lettings Agents will start to book viewings for your room giving you a 24h notice before showing it.
    Please be so kind as to keep your room tidy for the entire period of your notice to leave.

    General Cleaning

    Please be aware that General Cleaning is IMPORTANT in the house.
    It avoids mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, etc.
    You have to look after yourself, clean after yourself, organise between you tenants a daily rota about cleaning even though a cleaner is provided, keep the house as clean as possible for your personal hygiene.
    You may be charged £50 if you don’t clean or recycle.

    Can I host somebody during my stay?

    You are not allowed to host anybody for a long time, visit is permitted as long as it lasts a maximum of 2 nights(Please inform us in case of night visits).
    We might allow longer visits. A fee of £20 extra per day may be charged.